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Billy Ray Cyrus files for divorce from Firerose after just 7 months of marriage, alleging fraud and inappropriate conduct. The couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, with Cyrus giving Firerose 2 days to move out. The split mirrors rumors surrounding Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage.

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Billy Ray Cyrus, country singer and actor, has filed for divorce from his wife Firerose after just seven months of marriage [1]. The couple's short-lived union has already run into tumultuous waters, with Cyrus alleging inappropriate marital conduct and even filing for annulment due to possible fraud [2]. The couple, who initially gave off a whirlwind romance vibe, with Cyrus even giving Firerose just two days to move out following their split [3], has unfollowed each other on Instagram amidst the divorce filing [4]. The divorce, coming less than a year after their marriage, has drawn comparisons to other celebrity breakups, such as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's rumored split, with Lopez seen wearing her wedding ring despite putting her marital home up for sale [25].

The split has been closely covered by multiple entertainment news outlets, with speculations and allegations swirling around Cyrus and Firerose's union, including claims of fraud and inappropriate conduct [5,6,7]. Cyrus has reportedly filed for divorce, citing these reasons, seeking to end the marriage on those grounds [8]. While details about the exact nature of the couple's dispute have not been fully disclosed, reports indicate that there was significant tension leading to the decision to file for divorce [9]. The high-profile separation between Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose has gripped public attention, with social media buzzing about the quick downfall of their relationship [10]. The divorce marks an unexpected turn in the couple's relationship, which started amidst a whirlwind romance and ended abruptly with legal actions and allegations [11].

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