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Jon Rahm's withdrawal from the 2024 US Open due to a left foot infection has sparked concern and uncertainty. The golfer's toe injury has caused pain, leading to his absence from the tournament at Pinehurst, impacting his performance.

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Jon Rahm, a top-ranked professional golfer, had to withdraw from the 2024 U.S. Open due to a left foot infection [1-10]. Despite arriving at Pinehurst for the tournament, Rahm was still in significant pain from the foot injury, ultimately leading to his decision to pull out of the prestigious event [11]. The toe infection he suffered from left him uncertain about his ability to compete, prompting him to prioritize his health and recovery [9]. The news of Rahm's withdrawal raised concerns among fans and commentators about his condition and potential participation in future events [7-8]. This unexpected turn of events left many disappointed as Rahm was considered a strong contender for the U.S. Open title [2]. Despite his absence due to the injury, Rahm's talent and potential for future success in golf are still acknowledged and celebrated by fans and experts in the sport [7, 10].

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