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Nikki Haley releases her delegates to support Trump at the GOP convention, emphasizing Republican unity. A federal judge rules against protesters marching through the RNC security zone. Amber Rose and an angel family are set to speak at the RNC.

Consensus on the left: Nikki Haley snubbed, cowers to Trump, GOP's future in grave peril.

Right-leaning sources overwhelmingly express strong support for Nikki Haley's decision to release her delegates and direct them to back Trump at the RNC, emphasizing Republican unity and loyalty.

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Nikki Haley, a former United Nations Ambassador and South Carolina governor, has released her delegates in support of Donald Trump for the upcoming Republican National Convention. Haley has voiced her support for Trump despite having been critical of him in the past. She addressed these delegates and urged them to back Trump in the event. This move by Haley is seen as an attempt to unify the Republican Party and strengthen support for Trump's political endeavors [1][3][4].

The decision by Haley has sparked conversations and speculation about Trump’s potential vice-presidential pick for the upcoming election. As anticipation grows, various sources suggest that Trump is nearing a decision regarding his running mate. Haley’s show of support for Trump is coupled with the ongoing efforts within the Republican Party as it prepares for the upcoming election [5][12][19].

Meanwhile, the decision by a federal judge has blocked protesters from marching through the security zone surrounding the Republican National Convention. This ruling came in response to concerns about demonstrations and security breaches during the event. The judge's ruling has placed restrictions on protesters aiming to march through designated security zones surrounding the convention area [8][26][33][35].

On another note, model and rapper Amber Rose has indicated that she will be speaking at the Republican National Convention as a guest of Donald Trump. This announcement has stirred conversations across various media platforms regarding the involvement of celebrities in political events, highlighting the diversity of voices participating in the convention activities [29][34].

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