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Lionel Messi leads Argentina to the Copa America final with his 109th goal, defeating Canada 2-0. Messi announces he will continue playing for Argentina. Despite Drake's $300k bet on Canada, Messi's dominance prevails. Argentina's victory and Messi's legacy are widely celebrated.

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In the 2024 Copa America semifinals, Lionel Messi led Argentina to a 2-0 victory over Canada to secure a spot in the tournament's final. Messi scored his 109th goal in this match, propelling Argentina closer to defending their championship title [1]. Despite high hopes for Canada, which had progressed impressively in the competition, Messi's goal was a decisive blow that ended Canada's Copa America journey [2].

Interestingly, global superstar Drake had a high-stakes bet on the line for this game, wagering heavily on Canada's victory against Argentina [3]. However, Messi's impressive performance dashed the hopes of Drake's winning bet. Following the game, Messi expressed his continued dedication to playing for Argentina beyond the Copa America final [4,5,6]. The victory not only highlighted Messi's skill but also his commitment to representing his nation on the international stage.

Moreover, amidst discussions about Messi's legacy and future, there was a clear acknowledgment that Messi's impact in football was far from over [7,8]. Canada's journey in the Copa America, although ending at the hands of the defending champions, was seen as the beginning of more significant challenges for the team within the CONCACAF region, hinting at a bright future despite the loss [9].

The Copa America match was a stage for Messi to shine, drawing attention from global media, sports commentators, and fans worldwide [10,11,12,13,14]. While Drake's bet on Canada proved to be a loss, Messi's prowess and dedication to his national team were celebrated universally [15,16]. The semifinal game showcased Messi's talent, cementing his reputation as one of the greatest footballers of all time [17,18,19].

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