Hurricane Beryl

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Millions in Texas remain without power post-Hurricane Beryl. Frustration grows in Houston. Climate change impacts and tornadoes from Beryl's remnants affect Great Lakes to New England. CenterPoint Energy faces criticism. Texans use Whataburger app to track outages. Requests for federal aid open rift.

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Criticism of Biden's political grandstanding during Hurricane Beryl. Abbott facing backlash for being away. Texas residents track power outages with Whataburger app amid devastation. Tornado warnings issued.

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After Hurricane Beryl struck Texas, millions of residents remained without power days after the storm, as its remnants unleashed tornadoes and heavy rain from the Great Lakes to New England. In Houston, power outages persisted after the storm hit, leading to rising frustration among residents facing extreme heat without electricity [1][2][3]. The storm exposed a rift between the White House and Texas over a federal aid request made post-Beryl [4]. CenterPoint Energy, Houston's main utility company, faced criticism for its handling of the power outages [5]. Over 1.6 million Texans were still without power, prompting frustrations and challenges [6][7].

Amid the chaos, Texans turned to the Whataburger app to track power outages, showcasing innovative use of technology during the crisis [8][9]. The devastation led to renewed discussions on climate change and challenges posed by extreme weather events, such as Beryl, in the region [10][11]. While CenterPoint Energy managed to restore service to nearly one million customers affected by the hurricane, challenges persisted in repairing the damaged infrastructure [12]. Texans without power in the aftermath encountered difficulties, which spurred Governor Abbott to face criticism for being on a business trip during the crisis [13].

Houston residents, over 1.7 million of whom were still lacking power, relied on various means to cope with the post-Beryl challenges, including assistance from celebrities like Shenseea who distributed care packages to victims in Jamaica [14][15]. Frustrations continued to mount, with demands for swifter power restoration and recovery efforts ongoing in Houston and other affected regions [16]. The remnants of Hurricane Beryl carried heavy rainfall and flooding risks as they moved toward the Northeast, bringing additional challenges to already impacted areas [17][18].

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