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Early Amazon Prime Day 2024 offers discounts on various products like TVs, robot vacuums, soundbars, eco-friendly lawn equipment, fashion, streaming devices, and more. Shoppers can find deals on a wide range of items, including tech gadgets, home decor, fashion, and beauty products, with savings under $50 or $25.

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Amazon Prime Day 2024 is buzzing with discounts and deals across various categories. Shoppers can find Balletcore items at slashed prices, including leggings and bodysuits [source]. Home items such as vacuums, air fryers, and home decor are also up for grabs [source][source]. Basketball enthusiasts may be intrigued by changes in NBA media rights deals, potentially altering viewing options [source]. Sandra Oh, star of "Good Chemistry" fragrance campaigns, offers fragrances available at discounted prices in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale [source]. Target rolls out Circle Week with major savings, including deals on popular electronics and fashion [source]. Amazon collaborates with Joanna Gaines, presenting a range of items reflecting her design style [source]. The sale also features discounts on men's clothing, Apple products like the MacBook Air M1, and various smart home devices [source][source][source]. Walmart provides alternative deals to rival Amazon Prime Day, offering discounts on MacBooks, headphones, and Nintendo Switches among others [source]. Fashion enthusiasts can snag earrings and sundresses in Summer Sale deals, while shark cordless vacuum deals are especially attractive for those looking for cleaning solutions [source][source]. For budget-conscious shoppers, there are numerous deals under $25 on Amazon [source]. Beauty connoisseurs can find discounts on skincare, hair thinning products, and beauty tools [source]. Fitness buffs can grab deals on Hoka sneakers [source]. Taylor Swift vinyls are also available at discounted prices [source]. Tech aficionados might be keen to score on Apple Watch Series 9 discounts, headphone and laptop deals, including offers on AirPods, Nintendo Switch, and Dewalt tools [source]. Parents can find deals on baby and kids' items, while those investing in grooming products can find specialized discounts [source]. For travelers, luggage deals are another highlight, catering to those seeking travel accessories [source]. Additionally, discounts extend to various tech gadgets, Kindle devices, and personal care products during the sale [source].

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