Cabinet Purge

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Kenya's President Ruto dismisses almost entire cabinet after weeks of protests, facing backlash for taxation policies. Ruto's move seen as a misstep that cornered him, leading to a significant political shakeup and warnings of huge consequences.

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Kenya's President, William Ruto, made a drastic decision following weeks of deadly protests in the country. In response to the unrest, Ruto decided to dismiss nearly the entire cabinet, including the Attorney General. The move came after the government faced extensive criticism and pressure due to ongoing demonstrations [1][2][3][4].

The protests had been triggered by a variety of issues, such as economic hardships, corruption allegations, and demands for political reform. The demonstrations intensified over time, leading to a significant escalation in tension within the nation [5][6].

Ruto's decision to dissolve the cabinet was an unexpected and bold move that demonstrated his willingness to address the concerns raised by the protestors. By dismissing most of the cabinet members, Ruto aimed to show his commitment to addressing the grievances and to pave the way for a new beginning [1][7].

The protests in Kenya had caught the attention of the international community, with global news outlets covering the events extensively. The country was facing a critical moment as the President's decision to dismiss the cabinet raised questions about the future direction of Kenya and how the government would handle the aftermath of the protests [8][9][10].

Ruto's actions were seen as a pivotal moment for Kenya, sparking discussions about the impact of the cabinet dissolution on the country's political landscape and potential for reforms. The decision signaled a significant turning point in Kenya's political trajectory, as citizens and observers awaited to see the consequences and changes that would follow the President's bold move [1][2][3][4].

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