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Former child star Benji Gregory, known for his role in "ALF," tragically passed away at 46 after being found in a car with his service dog. The cause of death, possibly related to the extreme heat, sparked discussions about mental health and sleep disorders.

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Deep sadness and shock as Benji Gregory, former child star of "ALF," tragically found dead at 46 in a car, highlighting mental health struggles with bipolar disorder and sleep disorders.

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Benji Gregory, the former child star who played the role of ALF's friend Brian Tanner in the popular 1980s TV show "ALF," tragically passed away at the age of 46. He was found dead in a car in Arizona alongside his beloved service dog [hola.com]. Reports suggest that Gregory likely died due to heat exposure, possibly from a severe heatwave hitting the region, with both him and his dog found unresponsive in the vehicle [sky.com].

While the exact cause of Gregory's death is still under investigation, it is known that he had been battling with mental health issues, including bipolar disorder and a sleep disorder [dailycaller.com]. Gregory's passing has sparked an outpouring of condolences from fans and fellow actors alike, mourning the loss of a talented performer who brought joy to many through his role on "ALF" [rollingstone.com].

As news of Gregory's passing spread, a multitude of media outlets shared the sad news, with many highlighting his role on "ALF" as a defining moment in his career [usmagazine.com]. The circumstances of his death have reminded many of the dangers of extreme heat exposure, particularly in regions like Arizona, where temperatures can soar to dangerous levels [news.com.au].

Benji Gregory's sudden and tragic death serves as a stark reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and vigilance in protecting oneself from extreme weather conditions, ultimately leading to an outpouring of sorrow and fond memories from his fans and the entertainment industry [people.com].

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