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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer suggests it wouldn't hurt for President Biden to take a cognitive test. This statement has sparked discussions and debates across various news outlets, with some questioning Biden's cognitive abilities and others defending his capabilities.

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Right-leaning sources question President Biden's cognitive abilities, with Gov. Whitmer suggesting he should take a cognitive test. Concerns about Biden's mental fitness are at the forefront.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan suggested that it "wouldn't hurt" for President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test. Whitmer's comments came amidst speculation about Biden's mental acuity as he approaches a potential 2024 re-election bid. Although Whitmer clarified that she believed Biden was capable and up for the job, she noted that taking a cognitive test could help dispel any doubts and reassure the public. Whitmer's remarks were met with varying reactions, with some viewing her suggestion as a reasonable precautionary measure and others criticizing it as unnecessary or politically motivated. Whitmer, who serves as a co-chair of Biden's re-election campaign, emphasized her support for the president and her pride in backing him. The discussion surrounding Biden's potential cognitive test has sparked debates about transparency, accountability, and the expectations placed on public officials. Despite Whitmer's stance, some argue that the decision to undergo a cognitive test is a personal one for Biden, with differing opinions on its relevance and implications. The debate surrounding cognitive testing in politics reflects broader concerns about leadership capabilities and the public's right to know about the health and fitness of elected officials. Whitmer's commentary has reignited conversations about cognitive assessments for politicians, highlighting the intersection of health, politics, and public perception in today's political landscape. [Sources: Washington Examiner, New York Post, IJR, Fox News, Independent, Forbes, CNN, Breitbart, Mercury News, MSNBC, Breitbart]

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