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Delta Airlines reported a 29% decrease in profits due to higher costs and low base fares, earning $1.31 billion in Q2. They also announced a partnership with Riyadh Air to run flights between the US and Saudi Arabia, featuring Team USA athletes in commercials as part of their sponsorship.

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In the second quarter of 2024, Delta Air Lines reported a decrease in profits by 29%. The decline in earnings was attributed to higher costs and reduced base fares. Despite this setback, Delta still managed to earn $1.31 billion during this period [6]. These higher costs included expenses such as fuel and labor costs, which impacted the company's overall profitability [3]. Delta's revenue for the second quarter reached a record high, showing signs of a strong financial performance despite the drop in profits [4]. The weak earnings outlook was in contrast to Wall Street forecasts, indicating that the airline faced challenges in meeting expectations [5]. Delta's focus on controlling costs and managing expenses became crucial to sustaining its financial health amidst the industry's competitive landscape [2].

In other news, Delta Air Lines established an agreement with Riyadh Air, a Saudi Arabian airline, to run flights between the United States and Saudi Arabia. This partnership aimed to enhance travel options and connectivity between the two countries, providing more opportunities for passengers traveling to and from Saudi Arabia [15]. As part of this collaboration, Team USA athletes appeared in Delta commercials, showcasing the airline's support and sponsorship of sports and athletic endeavors [13]. The agreement between Delta and Riyadh Air marked a significant step in boosting airline services and connectivity between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, offering travelers more options for international flights [14]. The CEOs of both Delta and Riyadh Air expressed optimism and confidence in the success of this partnership, highlighting the potential benefits it could bring to travelers and the aviation industry [17].

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