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Team USA basketball defeats Canada in exhibition game on the road to Paris Olympics. Barack Obama surprises team, expresses confidence in gold win. Derrick White replaces Kawhi Leonard on roster. Kevin Durant expected to play despite injury concerns.

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Patriotic pride swells as US Olympic basketball team dominates Canada in tune-up game, setting sights confidently on gold at Paris Olympics, backed by surprise visit from Obama.

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Team USA basketball started its Olympic journey with an 86-72 win over Canada, drawing attention for its depth and performance. The exhibition match showcased stars like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis impressing fans with their skill. Former President Barack Obama surprised the team at the game, expressing his confidence in their ability to win gold at the Paris Olympics, adding a lighthearted moment when he inadvertently recreated a comedy sketch with Kendrick Lamar's music in the background [1][2][3][4].

The match also raised eyebrows with Kawhi Leonard's withdrawal from the Team USA roster due to unspecified reasons. Derrick White was chosen as his replacement, praised for his skills and how he fits into the team strategy [5][6][7][8][9]. White joined the team ahead of the Paris Olympics, prompting discussion about the changes in the roster and how it may affect Team USA's performance [10][11][12].

Outside the court, the pivotal win for Team USA sparked conversation about the team's attitude and preparation for the upcoming Olympics in Paris. Meanwhile, rumors surrounding Kevin Durant's participation amid an injury and other players like Jalen Duren made headlines, adding to the anticipation and speculation surrounding the team [13][14][15][16].

Despite Leonard's exit, the sentiment around Team USA remained upbeat as analysts discussed the potential impact of various players and how the team was shaping up for the Olympics. Fans and onlookers alike watched closely as the star-studded roster navigated through the exhibition game with high hopes and expectations pinned on them to secure another Olympic victory in Paris [17][18][19][20][21].

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